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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  January 17, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> subway should laugh although way. >> i think it has traveled far and it is rankled than the original 12 inches when it came out of the oven. >> so many things could get us fired. [laughter] >> this is cable say anything you want. [laughter] i thinking it is cold in the studio. unique in extra of 1 inch of bread? >> don't they carved out the middle. >> we have 30 seconds to end the show. melissa: you say nothing. [laughter]
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>> i will give credit to sublet there is shrinkage. >> you are obsessed. >> we will eats these sandwiches. the willis report is next. gerri: tonight lance armstrong tells the word -- world he has been mine for years. with the airplane flyer goal on face? the new 787. welcome to "the willis report." gerri: hello everybody. i am sure willis but as president of thomas push for stricter gun control laws have a chance in congress?
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is a doll show? the big question tonight for a good conference jaber as president by than urges the mayors to back hamas plan while the campaign tries to use sign petitions. my guest says the disparity should not be to pass new laws and enforce the ones we already have. michael reagan sent of president reagan and host of the michael reagan show. is this for show? will he put us into a false sense of security? >> exactly. letting people think we're really doing something. the reality is not one bill here or anywhere else that would save one life from connecticut or the aurora theater or arizona.
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they would not save any lives. the president of united states with kids and family members people believe he is doing something to save a life but would not have happened. gerri: because the crux get the guns. >> this man tried to buy a gun twice. the law works he was turned down. he went home and stole his mother's gun and went to the school. the day my father was shot my seat reservists agent by said how the hell can you allow my father to get shot with secret service he said retrain 24/7. we can never traded enough
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is the crazy thing crazies are who we worry about. whether or a colorado or back at sandy hook or arizona we have the crazies. gerri: it is the mental health issue for you groote topic on the school with a president's daughters go with their own social security detail but you say there is a lot of security there. >> david gregory, bloomberg there's a lot of kids if there was no president said -- sending his kids to that school there would still be 11 armed guards. you could have a press conference and said why you feel safe? this school where my daughter teaches 29 years of age 5-foot 2 inches so
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relates at sandy hook she said i would have done the same thing that those teachers did but that school did not go to congress to the assembly of our city council but they hired the armed guard. they did not need government to tell them that they did it. why do they think need -- they need washington? gerri: est. double standard some of those work in india to say we get rid of the guns and bob schieffer actually comparing dealing with the nra to dealing with synopses. >> surely defeating the nazis was a much more formidable task than taking on the gun lobby.
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this is a turning point* in this country. %-more than make a speech this is one of the best speeches i heard him deliver. >> he went after countries that did not have weapons. we went after countries that did not. it is so enrages to do that and say those things and hollywood stars getting on board with the president. they have armed bodyguards. do you think you could walk into the golden globes without a metal detector? gerri: double standard. the entertainment industry said we support the goals of reduced gun violence but they are protected by armed guards and the material they put out is full of people
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shooting each other with a top movies. >> last night gangster's god. there is no shooting in that show. gerri: 65 characters die. >> my son said did they really do that? those of the questions. he is 34 years old. there is no press conference or joe biden when the children were dying in chicago every weekend. but a bunch of killed are killed then we have to change the world to make them believe any of them would save there child's life that is what is sad go get a guard for your school will also need to think about culture and really
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having a conversation not a two week implementation of the of biden on. gerri: wall said. i appreciate it. what do you think? does obama want to get rid of the second amendment? log on at more coming up the apple stock seems to be in free fall costing you even if you don't own a single share. mr. president what have you done for me lately? stay with me. ♪ ♪
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gerri: obama they've put rise on gun-control busy doing enough about mental health? we have dr. keith ablow. they give for being with us. it is not gun laws but mental health? >> absolutely. every case of someone under treated or poorly treated were not treated for a severe mental illness. the idea they would not be resourceful enough, if you took all guns off of the planet there is explosives, a fire, cars, the greatest number of mass killings in america are not done with automatic weapons but hand guns or explosives, a fire, and cars.
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the grade school killing 1927 and james holmes used explosives producing taking guns will prevent these tragedies? not at all. gerri: and the horrible situations people are rushing to judgment trying to get resolution but that will not solve the mental health issue? >> no. a hijack these tragedies for whom autonomy is a bad word. latching on to say here's the crisis if. we can achieve gun-control to take guns back but gun ownership promotes independence, responsibility and autonomy and well-being. focusing on the problem we
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have a shattered mental health care system. there is so cool -- cruel joke you cannot get a health insurance company to pay unless you repeat your homicidal and will not retract. gerri: with james holmes a pair a psychiatrist at the university of colorado heard directly as i understand it it, through diaries or something he intended to take people out. did she have the obligation to go to the police? >> she did she have the obligation to hospitalize him against his will to take him off the street. if there is an unnamed victim to warn the victim.
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in this case he did not identify but if peace that i am thinking about where there is a chance absolutely inpatient psychiatric unit. but the reservoir of knowledge is limited because we have the constructed mental health care due to the third-party insurance. gerri: dr. manny says it is wrong that obamacare does not mean that doctors should not feel free to talk to the cops. now with new york requires there pursed -- their best doctors and nurses to tell authorities if the patient will harm himself or others. >> that is utterly absurd.
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psychiatrists, psychologists , social workers already are empowered to do what they need to do if insurance companies were not in the way. get them the care that they need. just making a call what will they do? did not have a magic health care system there is a shortage of resources. gerri: if you are my doctor and worried i would hurt others he would not report me to the police? >> no. you're going to the hospital i went to file the requisite paperwork to go to the hospital. it is the prescription to drive people away. why'd you want the government informed? it invokes paranoia and i
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don't think it is unintended. they believe in the centralized authority and not individual rights and freedoms we see that again from this administration. gerri: why would you have the doctors get involved? >> it is wrongheaded it takes with the trust factor between doctor and patient, but in forming the government? will you imprison them? once you inform the government is wrongheaded. we already know what to do was dangerous patients with the resources in the mental health care system don't exist. gerri: dr. apple of thank you for coming on. come back soon.
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the elite media is treating the president on the job done over the past four years doing what he set out to do. how well the carryall banking reform? health care reform did he squeeze enough money out of the rich? they are grading the president if he carried out the to do list grading him on his own terms. that does not matter. i think is what have you done for the american people mr. president? like janet jackson song. obama said he wanted to be a chance for regional president unfortunately the changes i have seen for us is not so good. the country we assumed the paycheck gets bigger overtime is the opposite. median household income is lower.
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51,190 now it is 50,054. strangely it declined more after the recession than during. a fluke that feels like a normal. the numbers of americans working are down and unemployment rate is up seven point* 8%. entitlement programs are one step closer to being broke. 2041 was the forecast for bankruptcy now 2037 in medicare's 2024. a jittery 292009, 10.6 trillion was the debt $34,000 for every american today 16 point* 4 trillion witted $52,000 for each and every american that is the legacy of our children and
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grandchildren don't need. barack obama has been a transracial president who transformed our country but not the way i like. we were excited about the future before with headwinds but now we are burdened by a bigger government, more far reaching to be in the doctor's office and on the gun rack. what have you done for us lately? and other lyric, i ain't seen nothing else. e mail me at >> he think the apple sell-off has not affected your investment? you may take a big bite next. lance armstrong charity that pioneered the yellow wristband that was a must have. where the money go? not rethink.
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boeing streamliner is agers nightmare. it stays grounded as the company figures out what goes wrong. next. next. s if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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apple stock takes a nosedive and could take your portfolio with the. 60 seconds.
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gerri: have you checked your report folio? apple stock is striking yours down likely. even if you don't own the stock you could be losing money. our portfolio manager joins me now. martin, all-time high $707.
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down 20%. 18% of the nasdaq. ridiculous. every mutual-fund holders probably suffering? >> a lot of them. 78% growth fund's own apple. 40 percent of value funds own apple. gerri: what proportion of value funds? >> 40%. up over from 29%. gerri: top mutual-fund holders is a long list. a lot to our tax funds the they own nearly 20% of the investments from apple stock is that a good idea?
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>> it depends going forward. gerri: what happened to a different pot? that is ridiculous. >> the rule that mutual funds you should not have more than 10% of any position. gerri: how many growth fund and value fund with the same stock? i think portfolio managers saw the of run up and wanted to get on board whether not yet matched their portfolio plan they plowed a bunch of money into it. >> there was momentum chasing for sure. apple is going through a major transition in terms of the growth profile. it had a hyper growth period
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now going forward just a normal good growth period the results in a change of ownership. one year ago more growth fund had the stock with a larger percentage from apple. gerri: by so or hold? >> i would hold for sure. exciting for apple going forward we have patterns of period to go into these periods and then slowed down. you do see the a 25% correction but you cannot predict when it sorts out but they are changing the business model. they will become more branded like nike i think it
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is worth holding long-term. financially strong. $125 billion net cash from the projections i have seen, that should double. gerri: i am probably bashing them too much. >> i am is trading at a lower multiple. gerri: thank you for coming. well done. thank you. gerri: break up the bank's that's what the dallas fed said today. richard fisher said the too big to fail model is a recipe for disaster that needs to be overhauled. also small community banks are hurt to rein in the bigger counterparts. here he is earlier on fox business. >> higher concentration of
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the banking industry, the top 12th have over 60 percent of the assets. it has layered bureaucracy and form filing and regulation on the smaller banks. gerri: fisher is an influential voice that says dodd/frank is not working. boeing's says they stick with the 787 but is it safe to fly? he stepped down the is the livestrong charity really what it says it is? it's a new day.
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the darkest moment of his career. a tell-all 65 sit-down interview with oprah winfrey. what does all this mean for his charity, the charity he started, strong, going forward. are those who donate being misled some say donations to list are not doing a thing to help care cancer. founder and president of charity was joins me now, and we are very happy at year. i want to read the mission statement from there website. they say, we find new ways to raise awareness, increase our reach and facilitate collaboration. we provide support to guide people through the cancer experience, bring them together to fight cancer, and work for a world in which our fight is no longer necessary. i bet if i went out on the street right now and interviewed five people they would tell me that live strong is about finding a cure for cancer. what is the disconnect? >> well, most people make that assumption is a cancer charity involved in research, but there are many ways that one can help
6:34 pm
with this important cause an issue. certainly there needs to be more awareness, there needs to be people suffering, patients that are trying to survive and struggling to deal with this need some sort of assistance, so there is some value to that. gerri: come on. raising awareness? don't we know that cancer is a problem? raising awareness, to me, his cancer is my charity of choice. that is not the mission statement i want to hear. >> i would tend to agree. these top -- calls from other arab talking about cancer and that doing something about it, but they hold conferences. they encourage collaboration. gerri: conferences? conferences? does that benefit plans armstrong in any way? >> well, it could benefit him indirectly certainly, but there is some value to people studying these issues and how best to be treating the patients and people suffering.
6:35 pm
there is something worth that. but i agree with you, a lot of people will like to go to laboratory research rather than research the behavioral studies of people that are going through the cancer startle. gerri: you have done some great work looking at the money following the dollar's with live strong. what to you make of the amount of money they are raising in a much is actually going to the mission? >> they're able to get about 80 percent of their budget to charitable programs. that being public awareness and patient assistance types. a lot of it is education, both professional and public education. so they're able to get 80 percent of that. $17 to raise $100, which earns them and 8-minus grade. the card to buy one of the larger cancer charities. we reveal about 45 of them. they're like number 12 in size do think he is sincere about the
6:36 pm
charity because it is quite a huge and has a lot of programming. a lot of celebrity athletes that have charities that don't amount to much of all. gerri: this is a big one, and it is one that gets a lot of public attention. i think that, you know, we make assumptions about this charity and it seems to me at the end of the date even though lance has left the charity, he resigned because of what has been going on about his, you know, telling the truth about his story, still, i think he gets benefits from live strong at the end of the date. we talked about the conferences before. you and i talked about this over the telephone. he does this and benefits from this because of their relationships. tell us about that. >> well, a lot of the charity has business agreements, often like selling or licensing they're very popular or once a very popular live strong, you know, those yellow bracelets.
6:37 pm
that logo is so popular. and so while the charity is negotiating when lance armstrong was an officer of the charity, at the same time he is getting in many cases being paid as a spokesperson. he really would not be someone in a position to negotiate independently from of the people he selected for his board and so forth. it's better if the charity does not have their officers or directors or founders actually benefit from any of the vendors that the charity is doing business with. gerri: you think there are too entangled. >> it would be better if those relations did not exist. they're saying they have gone through proper checks and balances, but it is really hard to do. concern about the experience, not just sexual conflicts. gerri: appreciate your time. good conversation. we appreciate your insight. thank you.
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gerri: which terry gives the most to their mission to iraq that is tonight's top five. number five, this charity which gives for fall stars works out those living in poverty as a result of disaster. they give 99 percent of their funds to charity. number four, the america cares foundation. a disaster relief organization that gets three stars from charity navigator, 99 percent of its nearly $800 million in revenue to charitable services. number three, gleaming for the world, a kids' charity, a children's charity. tickets three stars. 100 percent of the funds to the charity. number two, matthew 25. it is 100 percent of the $130 million in revenue to its mission. the number one charity given the most to its mission is mother's
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brother. all two under and $70 million go to a humanitarian relief. we know you care about where your charity dollars go to. when we come back, a look at one travel website that warns you about a better price down the pike and the dream liner being grounded around the world. should you be worried that next time you fly? dancers coming up. ♪ what are you doing?
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gerri: boeing is still producing a 77 dream liner despite the ongoing nightmare of airlines keeping the planes grounded. six concerns. with me now, fare compare. do you think this is warranted? keeping this plane should be granted? >> to be honest, there is an
6:43 pm
abundance of safety, security, and i think that the yes, it should be. you're looking at six or seven incidents in the last three or four weeks. one of these big residences, worried about the batteries and the plane being a major problem. i'm glad that they're running it now. let everyone feel like they're sifting on the plane. there are only 58 aircraft worldwide right now. only six in the united states. gerri: but there are a ton in the pipeline to my friend. >> this up aircraft is the future. a big part of the future of long-haul travel worldwide. this is like going from atari text box. the going to have some glitches. we know that's going to happen. this is more than just a normal just let's just. gerri: you know, you say going atari text box. the thing is for boeing this is a major technological innovation they are reducing the cost of the weight of the plan by using more grim materials. this is key to the future the
6:44 pm
company. the thick and get back on line quickly? you know that the protection of the plan has been hung up with all kinds of design problems tamales are problems. can they get them back up and running? >> they're going to have to. they don't have a choice. these things are rolling off the assembly line. they're going to have to fix it. if it's a major fix and it delayed several months that's going to terrible for them, but it's a little late a few weeks will be a hassle for airlines. reid, it a bunch of passengers because everybody wants to fly this aircraft. have been trying to get on one. it's hard to get ticket. gerri: i don't want to play right now. it makes me so nervous. united is the only u.s. carrier right now with these and-. should people be worried. >> for the most part you will be getting on a flight.
6:45 pm
if state 11th this. the bottom line right now, if the stain lasts for weeks and months will talk about a huge amount of revenue. at the moment everyone is giving boeing something. give it a fix. if this goes on for another three to six months we will be -- gerri: someone to show people this airplane. i want to show the roots. if you're traveling and wondering what might be on one of these things you can see it from the perspective of the industry. what about the individual who's nervous?
6:46 pm
should the call-up, make sure they're not getting done one. what's your view? >> if you're nervous about that, in my opinion i fly more than proline most people do. the pilot its own for dinner at and he is happy about getting home for dinner, i'm happy about getting on a plane. it doesn't matter. if you have concerns will soever you have the information in your itinerary. if your book on a particular flight to my bill be read booking you anyway. absolutely move if you have any issues with it. for the most part i think it is only if this thing -- if we see it drift and they don't get it, i definitely would be concerned. i would start to be concerned, and i am the least person to get concerned about this. gerri: certainly if he sought companies saying we're canceling orders for the dream liner, that would be a big red flag. >> that would be the huge red flag. by the way, there is really no
6:47 pm
competition for this aircraft. the main competitor is at least one year away, maybe even more, to having a competing type aircraft. gerri: thank you for coming on. always good to have you on the show. thank you very much. gerri: still to come, by $0.2 more on of software developer who else forced his own job. no kidding. and next to one travel website is making changes to the way he purchases flight tickets. is it a good deal or just a marketing ploy? stay with us. ♪
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[ male announcer ] how do you make 70,000 trades a second... ♪ reach one customer at a time? ♪ or help doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information... ♪ into a fifth anniversary of remission? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. gerri: to dubai the plane ticket now or wait for the price to go down? coming up next, the new feature
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which may have the answers for you.
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♪ gerri: air fare goes up and up and up, leaving many of us wondering if they should but that flight now or wait in case the price comes down. a new feature from kayak may help relieve some of that stress. with more, chief scientist for kayak. a lot of website to this. you have a brand spanking new technology you are using and very proud of. how'd you know whether the prices are going upper down? >> so that kayak the mission is to provide the most accurate and complete information possible.
6:52 pm
fitted. it automatically analyzes and identifies. gerri: give me the forecast. >> the statistical forecast. a very ). gerri: just showing pictures of the website. is there a particular time of day? how should i go about this? how can i get that recommendation? >> when we are confident enough, when we have enough data and
6:53 pm
end-users have been searching for the destination for the time of the year. a bulletproof approach to getting the cheapest price, but don't wait until the last seven days. it. gerri: all right. thank you for coming on the show, and we appreciate your time. thank you. >> thanks. gerri: and now time for this stay in business. on this business to back in 1953, chevy unveiled one of america's most iconic sports cars, the corvette named after a fast moving naval warship, marketed to vip like celebrities , socialites, and top businessmen. 300 corvettes are made in the first year with a starting price of $30,500. all the cars were painted white with red interiors and a black convertible top. after meeting for two years, a belgian designer beef up the
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corvette engine, transforming it into a high-performance sports car. soon it became america's most loved muscle cars setting speed records on the racetrack and even debuting in a string of hollywood hits, such as rte. 66, rush-hour, transformers, and even the lead. my sister had one of these. the today at the line includes seven models with the chief the starting at at $3,500, $50,000. the corvette continues to rank among the world's elite sports cars and acceleration time, top speed, and overall muscle with someone and have million sold so far. the corvette was unveiled on this business state january the 17th sparking 60 years of battle to metal find. levitt. we will be right back. the answer to a the question of the day. does obama want to get rid of the second amendment? i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin.
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now this...will work. [ ale announcer ] just like you, business pro. just like you. go naonal. go like a pro. gerri: president, using his campaign organization to help fight for approval of gun-control initiatives announced yesterday. do you think he is trying to get rid of the second amendment? here is some of your posting on the facebook page. yes. when the second amendment is down the rest of the constitution will be next. obama wants sensible gun restrictions, not an end to the second amendment. i would like to get rid of him. more of our viewers are on that page. we also asked. 98 percent of you said yes. 2 percent said no. log on to for online question every weekday. here are some of your e-mails. love reading those. it's about time the unions are put in a place. i have belonged to six in my
6:59 pm
life and always was sick of the union bosses telling us who to vote for and wasting my dues to support some candidate i did not like. the jobs of workers, not some self-centered money was to politician. those words always go together. here's bernard from maryland. people keep condemning salaries paid fannie and freddie managers and lines with billions of dollars for bailout costs. more appropriately directed to congress. only executing washington's wishes. the two things other not counted and inflation numbers aren't food and fuel. that is so the government can look good and deceive us. the proper degrees. the recent statement, the fed has done all its hand. it's up to the politicians. lord help us all. we love hearing from you. send us an e-mail. and finally, the you had the job? how about outsrc


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